Play Today! Returns!

featuring Plus-Plus

Play Today! is back! Kicking off Season 2, we are building entire jungles from a single shape!


This week on Play Today!, Becca & Mikaela play with Plus-Plus: the award-winning construction toy allowing kids to create anything they can imagine with just a single shape. In this episode, the girls team-up to create an elephant, but your possibilities are endless!


Plus-Plus toys stimulate fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience!  And they’re a ton of fun!


Watch Becca & Mikaela play with Plus-Plus!


We believe families are strengthened through the power of play, but with soooo many toys out there, how do you know where to start? Play Today is here to help!  


Each week, the Gingerbread House Toys team picks a toy and shows you how much FUN your family will have playing with it! Parents, grandparents and adults can watch to get great gift ideas…but for even more fun, watch with your kids!  


Add these to a Birthday Toy Registry, or get Plus-Plus now in the Gingerbread House Toys shop and play today!