The Wink Alliance



We give to the community in ways that are tangible and massively impactful.


We elevate non-profits.


We focus on the developmental needs of children: whether physical, emotional or intellectual.


Named for our famous shop dog Wink, the Wink Alliance is the official giving arm of Gingerbread House Toys! The Wink Alliance strategy is to select one local non-profit every holiday season and rally around them and their mission. This organization is added to the alliance as a friend and partner, and we support them through the sale of limited edition, co-branded collectibles!

2020 Alliance Partner Marcfirst


For the 2020 Holiday Season, Gingerbread House Toys supported Marcfirst to help them achieve their vision to become a bridge to our community, where all people can pursue and achieve their dreams throughout their lives! The Wink Clone Machines (aka our amazing friends at Stuffed Animal Pros) assembled an amazing litter of Winks that were the heart of soul of our giving this past season! Through the sale of these limited edition items, and your amazing generosity and support, Marcfirst  received all of the proceeds! They will be able to use it toward new equipment in the Motor Gym at the Gregg Chadwick Marcfirst Pediatric Therapy Center and continue to support local families through development and therapeutic support for children.

We're excited to announce that together we raised $13,750!!!



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Support the Wink Alliance

Looking to do more? 

Volunteer with our alliance partners like Marcfirst! As a friend of Gingerbread House Toys, one of the most impactful things you can do with us is give your time to the community and those who call it home.


Do you have a story to share on how Marcfirst or Gingerbread House Toys helped someone you love? Let us know and we can help spread the word about the great work Marcfirst does in our community to help families thrive.


Do you know an organization that would be perfect for the Wink Alliance?

Each year, one new organization will be selected, and a new Wink stuffy will be reimagined with a few variations including the logo of the new organization! This allows us to create awareness and lasting impact for both non-profits and the Wink Alliance!


If you'd like to nominate a local non-profit who focuses on the needs of children, please fill out this form and let us know!



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