Bounce Balls and Faux Bows

with Play Today!

Ready. Set. BOUNCE!   s l o w m o t i o n   with a surprise attack at the end!  

It’s our toy show...Play Today!


This week, in a must-see episode, the fun goes off the trails as Becca & Mikaela do battle on the American Ninja Warrior Bounce Ball race set...a truly ‘must-have’ summer toy! Then, the competition levels-up at the finish line with an unexpected faux-bow assault!


These are the toys that’ll make your summer a bouncy blast! 



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What is Play Today!?


We believe families are strengthened through the power of play, but with soooo many toys out there, how do you know where to start? Play Today is here to help! Each week, the Gingerbread House Toys team picks a toy and shows you how much FUN your familywill have playing with it! Parents, grandparents and adults can watch to get great gift ideas...but for even more fun, watch with your kids!


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