Wish List

Now Available Online!

Whether you're making a list for an upcoming birthday, a holiday or to celebrate a milestone graduation from school or the scouts, consider setting up a digital Wish List with Gingerbread House Toys! Go to our online store and create your very own digital wish list that you can keep private just for you, so you don't forget exactly what you wanted to buy for that important little someone in your life. Or... you can share a link to your wish list with family and friends (since they've been asking you for ideas of what they can get!).


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I come to the store or set it up online?

A wish list can only be created through our online store. But if you want to get some ideas first, feel free to come to the store and walk around with our amazing staff who can help you think about what to put on your list based on the age, preferences or learning needs of the important little one in your life.


What is the difference between a Registry and a Wish List?

If you’re looking to have people outside of your immediate family purchase items for an event, then we suggest you create a registry. On the other hand, if you just want to create a list to easily keep track of anything your child (or anyone else) wants, then we suggest creating a Wish List.


Wish Lists:

  • Are not searchable (friends and family can not search for your Wish List on our website by your name)
  • The URL must be shared with friends and family by the person who created the Wish List in order for others to see it
  • Does not keep track of purchases or inventory of the items in the Wish List (you will not be able to see if an item has been purchased or not)
  • Intended for holidays or personal use when there isn’t necessarily a specific date or event



  • Are publicly searchable (family and friends can search for your registry on our website by your name)
  • Keep track of purchases and inventory of the products within the registry (this lowers the chance of two people buying the same gift)
  • Intended for events that have a specific date and time such as showers and birthdays


How do I Create a Wish List?

  1. Go to our online shop
  2. If you are not logged into a Gingerbread House Toys account, the page will prompt you to either “log in” or “register.”
  3. Select “wishlist” from the menu
  4. Select “open wishlist”
  5. Select “click here to begin browsing to add products to this Wish List”
  6. Browse any items and under the add to cart button select “add to Wish List”
  7. Do this for as many items you want to add to your Wish List
  8. When you’re done, select “Wish List” again from the menu bar to view your Wish List

How do I modify a Wish List?

  1. Go to our online shop.
  2. Be logged in to your account.
  3. Select “Wish List” from the menu
  4. Select the Wish List you want to modify
  5. If you wish to delete an item, find the item you wish to remove, and click the “x” in the delete column
  6. If you wish to add an item to your Wish List, select “click here to begin browsing to add products to this Wish List”
  7. Browse through the items and select “add to Wish List” for items you wish to have


How do I tell other people about my Wish List?

  1. Go to our online shop
  2. Select “Wish List” from the menu
  3. Make sure you are logged in to your account
  4. Either copy the link, email, or share on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn your Wish List


How do I find and buy from a Wish List?

The only way you can see another person’s Wish List is if someone shares the link to their Wish List with you. Unlike a gift registry, it is not searchable. It’s a more private way for someone to identify what they want, or what someone wants to buy for them.


If someone has shared a link with you, click on it from either a computer or your mobile device and it will take you to their list in our online store. When you click or tap on an item you are interested in, you can add it to your shopping cart to buy it!

The owner of the Wish List will not be notified that any items were purchased. It's your surprise to them :-)