Sticker Scavenger Hunt!

Collect them all for a chance to win prizes!




X marks the spot, and our FUN summer Scavenger Hunt is BACK…this time with Stickers!

Come get a Map and join the STICKER SCAVENGER HUNT!


Here's an overview!

Through July 13, parents and kids can visit local businesses and collect stickers to put on their Scavenger Hunt Map! Once you've visited all 13 locations and your Map is full of stickers, bring it to Gingerbread House Toys and you'll be entered to win prizes! Then every day during the Anniversary Sale (starting Fri, July 14), we'll draw a new winner out of the box who will win gift cards from the partner businesses and Gingerbread House Toys! It's all leading up to the Grand Prize drawing on Mon, July 31, where one winner will get a $250 Gingerbread House Toys Shopping Spree!


Here's the story!

In 2022, the Token Scavenger Hunt leading up to Fifty Fest was a huge hit! Kids and parents loved going all over town, stopping at local businesses, and finding treasure tokens, which they could then collect and bring to Fifty Fest where they redeemed them for free prizes! So this year, we're doing a variation on the same idea...with stickers! The core idea is the same: it's a FUN Scavenger Hunt leading up to our July Anniversary Sale, where the Stickers you find during the Scavenger Hunt can get you free prizes during the Anniversary Sale!


The Sticker Scavenger Hunt is June 26 - July 13!




Here's how it works!


Maps are only available in-store at Gingerbread House Toys. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and kids must pick up a free pre-printed Scavenger Hunt Map at Gingerbread House! There is no "download online" option, so come to the store! You can come get one anytime bewteen now and July 13!



Go to as many partner locations as you can and say you're there for the Gingerbread House Toys Sticker Scavenger Hunt! You can get one sticker per map at each spot, and you can go to any location at any time before July 13. (You don't have to do them in a certain order.) There are 13 total stickers to get! Here are the locations!

Look for a sign like this! When you see it, you'll know you've found the right place!




If you're unable to make it to all 13 locations, that's okay! Partially-filled maps can still be returned and entered to win prizes! Just make sure you bring it back by the end of the day on Thursday, July 13, because we'll start drawing prizes on Friday, July 14! (It's okay to bring your map back after July 14 too, but the earlier you bring it back, the more chances you'll have to win prizes!)




Parents, fill out the bottom portion of the Map. That's the part we'll cut off and keep, so the kids get to keep the fun sticker-filled Map! Starting Fri, July 14, we'll draw one of the entry slips every day thru Sun, July 30. That winner will get a gift card from one of the 13 partner locations, or a Gingerbread House Toys gift card! We'll be announcing the winners daily on the Gingerbread social media, so follow our Instagram and Facebook


On Mon, July 31, we'll draw one of the entry slips to be the BIG grand prize winner of a $250 Gingerbread House Toys Shopping Spree!



Here's a recap!


Go on a Sticker Scavenger Hunt and have tons of summer fun with us!



Remember, come get your map at Gingerbread House Toys, and bring it back by the end of the day Thu, July 13!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!