It’s the Puzzle Rally!

Let’s donate 100+ old puzzles to local assisted living facilities!

January 19 – 31 is the 6th annual Puzzle Rally at Gingerbread House Toys! We love puzzles, especially in the winter months of January. But the only thing better than working on an old puzzle as the snow falls outside on a chilly weekend…. is donating that old puzzle and getting a new one!  


During the Puzzle Rally, you get 20% off a new puzzle when you trade in your old one! And best of all, this year your gently-used puzzle gets donated to local assisted living facilities instead of gathering dust in your closet!  


See What Puzzles We Have!


In years past, the Community Cancer Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal, and the YWCA McLean County have been the recipients of all your puzzle donations, and this year, we have a special place in our hearts for our local assisted living facilities. We’re so excited to spread the puzzle generosity to those communities! Will you help us?!




All you have to do is search through your closets, find old gently-used puzzles that it’s time for someone else to enjoy, and bring them to Gingerbread House Toys! For each puzzle you bring-in, you’ll save 20% when you buy a new puzzle to replace it! And then your old puzzle goes in the big stack of puzzles that we’ll donate to local assisted living facilities when the Puzzle Rally wraps-up at the end of the month.  


So bring ALLL your old puzzles to Gingerbread House Toys by Jan 31 and let’s donate 100+ puzzles together!