Summer Kidtivities with How-To Videos!

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Summer Kidtivities!

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Quantities are limited and we can't order more! So when they're gone, they're gone! Act fast!


Starting May 27th, each week we're featuring a new Kidtivities kit with our very own How-To videos! Play Today style! We can't wait to help you create 9 weeks of new memories this summer!  Learn more below about each activity, what age it is best for, and how long it might take your little one to have all the fun!


For just $5 each you can take a kit home, and do them inside, outside, or wherever the right place is for imagination and fun. They're also perfect for babysitters and grandparents looking for fun activities to do during their time together. Or buy several for a kid's birthday party activity since each kit provides all of the materials and instructions for each child.


Come to the store to buy your summer activity for the week, then watch our fun How-To videos together before you get started!




List of Kidtivities Summer Activities

A new activity is released every week and is only $5! Stop by the store and pick up one today before we run out! Quantities are limited and we can't order more!

1. Summer Handprints


Create a forever memory with no-mess air-dry clay. A pet print is fun, too, we even had Wink do it! So how does it work? Take the clay out of the package and spend about a minute massaging the clay to warm it up and make it easier to mold. Then flatten the clay into a circle. (Hint: You can do it on a paper plate to keep the back of the clay clean if you're outside.) Press your hand or paw-print firmly into the clay. Let it dry for 2 hours, then paint with the included paint and brushes, attach a ribbon, and hang your art! Display it proudly or give it as the perfect gift!

  • Ages 3+ (little ones will need some help)
  • 5 Minutes to Soften the Clay and Make your Handprint, 2 Hours to Dry, 20 Minutes to Paint



2. Fanciful Watercolor Prints


Paint the town red, green, or any color you want! Don't paint by number, paint by imagination! No rules or boundaries so your little artist can create their own magic with whatever colors they choose. Each print comes with its own paint palette. Just add a little water and the colors activate like magic.

  • Ages 4+
  • 30 minutes

3. Sun-Tastic Window Art


Let the midwest summer sun shine through your sparkly stained glass creations! Comes with fun sparkle paint pens that are easy to use. Fill in the each part of the design with your favorite special sparkle paint pen colors. Let dry completely, then attach rhinestones for more sparkle! Place on your window and watch the sun shine in!

  • Ages 5+
  • 30 minutes

4. Fabulous Stepping Stones


ring your art into your yard or make a great gift for family members or friends! Plan out your colorful design first, then paint inside the lines using the included paint and brushes. Take your time so since your stepping stone can be around a long time! If you want to leave it outdoors, be sure to add some exterior varnish so it can withstand our Illinois weather!

  • Agents 3+ (little ones will need some help)
  • 45 minutes

5. Totally Tie-Dye

Calling all tie-dye lovers! This is the real deal, so be prepared for the time and the fun! Instructions are included but be sure to read them more than once so you don't miss anything important! Adult help will be helpful so you don't end up with a mess or do things out of order! Mix your colors and choose from other 10 designs like a rainbow swirl or a starburst. Tie your design with rubber hands first, THEN apply the dye. Wait (insert Jeopardy theme here). Rinse, allow to dry, wear and be cool!

  • Ages 5+ (adult help needed)
  • active 1 hour

Check Back on June 24th for our How-To Video!

6. Scratch & Scribbles Critters

Pick your critter and then make them come alive by revealing the hidden creature with the wooden stylus. Add flair with sparkly stickers. Then frame your creation or cut out the designs for more play!

  • Ages 5+
  • 30 minutes

Check Back on July 1st for our How-To Video!

7. Fossil Impressions

Dinosaur fossils in Illinois?! In your backyard?! There are now! Your paleontologists can mold and shape five of their very own prehistoric fossils. Simply form the provided clay into rock-shapes (the end result is to make fossils in rocks). Press a dinosaur figure into the clay. Then paint it, let it dry, and let the fun begin. Hide your fossils for others to find! Make it a scavenger hunt so the fun doesn't have to end. Where can someone else "dig up" your fossil?!

  • Ages 5+
  • 30 minutes

Check Back on July 8th for our How-To Video!

8. Mixy Squishy Sculptures

Squish it, stretch it, sculpt it! These easily moldbale colored clays come with sparkly add-ins. This kind of clay won't crack or crumble! Since it's textured air-dry clay, there is no stick and no mess. Plan out your art before you begin! Do you want to make animals? People? Food? Planets? Tractors? A new creation?! Then let it dry and add them to your collection of art and creativity!

  • Ages 3+
  • 30 minutes

Check Back on July 15th for our How-To Video!

9. Magical Mix-Up Creatures

Make a mythical creature with this stretchy, squishy putty, then watch it slowly melt away! Make tons of creatures and creations with crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! Unicorn scented, for even more magic! Form your creature from the included putty. Decorate it with the 15 included punch-out pieces. Build it again and again before it "melts" away!

  • Ages 3+
  • 15-30 minutes

Check Back on July 22nd for our How-To Video!


We hope you had an amazing summer filled with new adventures and memories!

No matter the season, be sure to Play more! Grow More! with all of us at Gingerbread House Toys!