FIFTY FEST! Anniversary Party!

Saturday, July 30th

Gingerbread House Toys is celebrating 50 Years with an Anniversary Party called FIFTY FEST! On Saturday, July 30th, our parking lot will be full of FUN! Here's what will be at the party! 


  • Dunk Tank! 
  • Inflatables like a Bouncy Carousel & a Bouncy Slide! 
  • Sensory Bus! 
  • Zoo Lady! 
  • Funbelievable Balloons! 
  • Popcorn Machines! 
  • Snowcone Machines! 
  • Activities from The Proving Ground! 
  • Butcher Block Food Truck! 
  • Carnival-style games! 


And that list will continue to grow with even MORE fun, so keep checking back for updates!

Treasure Tokens for Free Toys!

Most fun of all, kids can redeem special 50th Anniversary Gingerbread House Treasure Tokens at Fifty Fest for FREE TOYS! Between now and the big party on July 30th, there'll be tons of opportunities for kids to get their free Token Treasure Bag and stock-up in advance! So how do you find Treasure Tokens? There'll be four big ways!  


Overall, the idea is for kids to stockpile as many Treasure Tokens as they can in advance! By the time Fifty Fest rolls around on July 30th, you might have hundreds of Treasure Tokens which you can redeem for FREE Toys at the big event!



1. Token Treasure Stops!

Come to our Token Treasure Stops at local businesses around town in the weeks leading up to FIFTY FEST! Check out the super fun Token Treasure Map below! The X’s mark the local Token Spots where you can find us! During these 2-hour Token Stops, kids will get a handful of extra bonus Treasure Tokens just for showing up!  


Here's the Treasure Stop Schedule!

  1. Miller Park Zoo | July 5, 11am - 1pm 

  2. AB Hatchery | July 7, 3pm-5pm 
  3. Compassionate Crumbs | July 9, 8am-10am at the Farmer's Market Downtown Bloomington
  4. Bobzbay | July 11, 2pm-4pm 
  5. Coffee Hound Downtown | July 13, 9am-11am 
  6. Theo's Microcreamery | July 15, 4pm-6pm 
  7. Sugar Mama | July 16, 8am-10am at the Farmer's Market Downtown 
  8. Children's Discovery Museum | July 18, 10am-12pm 
  9. The Proving Ground | July 20, 4pm-6pm 
  10. Flingers Pizza Pub | July 22, 4pm-6pm 
  11. Crafted | July 25, 10am-12pm 
  12. Iron Coyote Challenge Park | July 27, 2pm-4pm 



When you and the kids arrive, just look for the giant life-size cut-out of Wink! That's where we'll be passing out free Treasure Tokens! Stop in-store and pickup your free printed Treasure Map so you and the kids can keep track of where X marks the Spots!   

A few rules: 

  • Tokens are ONLY for kids (not parents, pets, or anyone else. Adults are not allowed to come get tokens WITHOUT their kids). So bring your kids with you to the Token Stops! 
  • If you don’t have a free green Token Bag yet, we'll give you one on-the-spot! These are great for collecting all your Tokens before Fifty Fest! 
  • If you do already have a green Token Bag, please don't request another one. (If you forget to bring it with you, we'll just give you the loose tokens.) 
  • Yes, the same kids can keep coming back and getting more tokens at different Token Stops! There’s theoretically no limit to how many tokens one kid can acquire. If they attend all the Token Stops, that's great! They'll have a lot of tokens to redeem for free toys at Fifty Fest! 

2. Token Bonus Days!

Every Saturday in July, we're building the hype for Fifty Fest on July 30th by hosting special Token Bonus Days! In addition to getting MORE bonus tokens just for showing up at our Bonus Token Tables, kids (and adults!) can also take part in different activities! Here's the lineup!  

3. Daily Token Time! 

If kids can't attend the Treasure Token Stops nor the Saturday Token Bonus Days, there's still ways to participate and get more tokens! Every day in July, kids can come to Gingerbread House Toys and play the Giant PLINKO board (once per kid per day) for a chance to win 1, 2, or 3 Tokens!  

4. Last Minute Tokens at Fifty Fest! 

There'll also be ways to get ‘last minute’ Tokens on the day of the Event, at FIFTY FEST itself! Details to come!



FIFTY FEST is our way of saying THANK YOU for 50 years of support!


Keep checking this page throughout June and July for ongoing updates, because there are still more HUGE announcements to come! Make plans now! Bring the kids to the biggest party of the summer on Saturday, July 30th at FIFTY FEST! 


Play more! Grow more! For Fifty more!!!