COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies


Temporary Store Policies & Procedures

Updated as of July 23, 2020


Our Idea

At Gingerbread House Toys, we don’t just sell toys; we encourage kids and parents to grow through the power of play! We do that by creating environments that overflow with fun, energy & excitement, and the in-store shopping experience is a huge part of that! But since that needs to look different for awhile this summer, we approached that obstacle by asking ourselves, “How can we preserve the fun in-store experience Gingerbread House Toys is known for, while still taking proper precautions?” Here’s what we decided…


Imagine this… what if you (and your kids) could have an entire toy store to yourself?


A Whole Toy Store to Yourself, by Appointment Only

All summer long, we’re offering appointment-only shopping for in-store guests during specific times. And, on purpose, we’re not doubling-up appointments. That means during your 20-minute appointment window, you’ll have the whole place to yourself! You’ll have a protected, private shopping experience, while your kids (if you choose to bring them) can have fun browsing an entire toy store on their own! We hope you’ll agree this is a fun way to observe protective distancing while still delivering a memorable shopping experience! The available appointment times will be between 9a-10a Monday - Saturday.


Plus Gingerbread House Toys will be OPEN to Everyone from 10a-6p Monday - Friday and 10a-4p Saturday & Sunday with no appointments necessary! 


How to Make an Appointment

Visit our special appointment site at, and book your free appointment as far into the summer as you want! During the easy process, you’ll be asked for 2 special things:

  1. Help us prepare for your visit by filling out the ‘Number in Party’ field to tell us how many total people will be coming with you. For example, if it’s a parent and 3 kids, type “4 (me & 3 kids).” If it’s just you, simply type 1. And feel free to type any other helpful notes in the (Optional) field.  
  2. In order to finalize your appointment, you will be required to check the box that says “I understand that everyone in my party will be required to wear a face covering to enter, and throughout the shopping experience.”

Once you’ve filled out all the required fields, you’ll receive a confirmation email and your appointment is set!


What’s Expected of You

For clarity’s sake, here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding your in-store visits this summer.

  • Will we be required to wear face coverings? Yes. As indicated above and until further notice, you and all members of your party are required to wear face coverings in order to gain entry to the store, and then once inside, to keep the face coverings on for the duration of the shopping experience.
  • Will we be required to use hand sanitizer? Inside, we will have complimentary hand sanitizer available for use during your shopping experience. While not required, it is strongly encouraged.
  • Will we be required to have our temperatures checked? No, this is not required.


What You Can Expect from Our Staff

As a staff, to every extent possible, we will practice proper social distancing, wear facial coverings whenever directly interacting with customers, and to the best of our ability, wipe down -once a customer leaves- any toys or areas that received excessive contact during the shopping experience.


Curbside Pickup & Local Delivery will Continue!

For those who may not wish to make an appointment or stop by during our OPEN to Everyone hours, Curbside Pickup & Local Delivery will continue all summer long! Browse the online store at and select your preferred option at checkout!


Thank you for supporting Gingerbread House Toys! Let’s keep going…so we can keep growing!





COVID-19 Policies